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Redeeming your Multi-Pack TIckets

All Vickar Automotive Group Multi-Packs are only redeemable online.  

Purchase a Vickar Pack:
Purchase your Vickar Automotive Group Multi-Pack online by searching for it, selecting it from the side menu, or choosing it from the main menu.  Each multi-pack purchased represents 12 standard admission tickets.  Note - you will receive a receipt after purchase, but you do not need it to begin claiming tickets with step 2.

Redeem/Claim Your Pavilion Admissions:
After you have completed your order, you now have the ability to claim tickets for the specific pavilion, date, and show time you desire (subject to availability). You do this in a few easy steps by "buying" your admission passes using your Vickar Pack credits:

BEFORE YOU START - Make sure you are logged in to the site so we know you are a Multi-Pack owner!  You can tell if you are logged in by looking at the black bar at the top of the screen where you will see your name listed.

Decide which pavilion, date, and time you wish to see.   Search for that date and time by searching the Week 1 or Week 2 Pavilion lists, choosing the pavilion, and then looking at the list of show times.   Click the BUY button beside the show you wish to "Buy/Claim" tickets for.   

Now that you are looking at a specific time/event, you can claim however many tickets you wish to allocate from your pack.  (You can also add additional paid tickets or child tickets if applicable).  Look for the Vickar Automotive Group Multi-Pack Ticket option, and choose the number of tickets you wish to buy/redeem from your Multi-Pack. 

You then continue with the order process, including selecting your delivery method.  On the last screen, press the BUY button to finalize your order - there is no charge unless you added other regular tickets to the order, but pressing BUY finalizes your claim and completes your selection of that show.  (You are "buying" your tickets for the time you want with your credits/passes from your Vickar Pack).

You do not need to use all of your multi-pack admissions at one time.

Repeat Step 2 as many times as needed with your other selections.   Note:   After you have used up your multi-pack tickets, the site will stop you from buying additional tickets with that offer.   You can have a mixture of multi-pack, regular, and children tickets in your order.

You do not have to claim all your tickets at once!  You can come back later to claim some/all of your tickets.   However, you must be logged in to your account in order to unlock your offer!    Reminder that all tickets must be claimed online and that sales for individual pavilion shows stop online 1 hour prior to showtime.

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