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Frequently Asked Questions - Folklorama Tickets

Q. What tickets can I buy online?
A. In 2019, all General Admission tickets for all Folklorama Pavilions are available online starting June 6.   Vickar Automotive Group Multi-Packs are also available online and are redeemed online only.  When purchasing tickets online, you were also be able to get up to 5 complimentary tickets for children who are attending with an adult.  

Q. Can I still buy tickets in person at the Pavilion?
A. Any remaining tickets will still be sold at the Pavilion, however it is possible that a Pavilion may be sold out in advance, so act early.  Note: Vickar Automotive Group Multi-Packs are no longer sold at Pavilions and unused Vickar Automotive Group Multi-Pack Tickets cannot be claimed at Pavilions.

Q. Can I buy Vickar Automotive Group Multi-Packs at the Pavilion?
A. Vickar Automotive Group Multi-packs are only available for purchase online.  They will no longer  be sold at Pavilions, the Folklorama Offices or other point of sale locations

Q. Can I redeem part of my Vickar Automotive Group Multi-Pack when I show up at the Pavilion?
A. You must select your Pavilion, Date andShow-Time online in advance. You cannot redeem packs when you arrive at the Pavilion.  See the Vickar Automotive Group Multi-Pack information page for more details.

Q. When do sales stop online?
A. Online sales stop 1 hour before showtime.

Q. What do the Green, Yellow, and Red Buttons mean beside the "Buy" button?
A. They give you a helpful hint on ticket availability.  Green means tickets are selling well, yellow means that there are not many tickets left, and red is warning you that the event will sell out shortly.

Q.  How do I get my tickets?
A.  You can have your tickets emailed to you, which you can then print off or simply display on your phone for admission.  (If you are planning on displaying the tickets on your phone, please ensure you have enough battery power to last your evening!)

Q. I plan on using my phone to display my ticket, any advice?
A. If using your phone to display the ticket barcode, please ensure your phone has enough power to last the night.  Also, it will scan easier if you have the brightness set on high.   We also encourage you to open the PDF from your e-mail in advance in case the entrance way for the pavilion is in an area with congested cell service, as it will save you time.  Please note - if you request that your tickets get re-sent to you, the originals will no longer work, so make sure you are opening them up from the most recent email you have received.

Q. I missed my Date/Showtime, what can I do?
A. All tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.  Please check your tickets carefully during purchase to ensure you are buying the correct date and time for your schedule.

Q. Can I go in early if I arrive early?
A. Your ticket is for a specific date, and showtime.  Some Pavilions may have space for you to wait until your designated showtime, such as the cultural display or an outdoor space, but it will be subject to capacity and is  different at each Pavilion.  You will only be able to enter the show area for the time of the show printed on your ticket.

Q. What do I do if I have lost my ticket?
A. Log into your account on this website and you can take actions on your tickets, including having them re-sent to you.  Remember - if you have your tickets re-printed or re-sent to you, the originals will no longer work and only the new ones (most recent) will be accepted for entry.

Q. I've purchased my tickets, but I didn't get an e-mail!
A. Some spam filters with some mail providers may have flagged the e-mail if you haven't put us in your safe senders list.  Check carefully in those spam/junk folders in case that happened to you - look for any emails coming from TixiT Ticket Company (tixit.ca).  If you still haven't found it, try resending it by logging into your account, or contact us for further assistance.

Q.  I need an extra child ticket to go with my existing order, what do I do?
A.  We recommend you contact us to have one added to the order.

Q. Can a Pavilion reprint my tickets?
A. No - please try to resolve any issues before arriving at the venue.  They will try to assist you where they can, however the volume of customers at each Pavilion and short turnaround times between shows means that your best result will be reaching out to us in advance.

Q. Can a Pavilion exchange or refund my ticket?
A. No - there are no refunds or exchanges on tickets.

Q. Can I call a Pavilion for help or to buy tickets?
A. Pavilions are for in-person day-of sales only, and only for their own particular Pavilion.

Q. Can I use my tickets for a different show time?
A. No - tickets are for specific Pavilion, Date and Showtime.  .   

Q. What does my advance ticket purchase get me?
A. Your advance ticket gets you admission to the Pavilion, Date and Showtime printed on the ticket.   The ticket is for admission only – seating or standing room only  is dependent on your arrival time.   Pre-purchasing tickets guarantees that you will be able to get into the show if you arrive by showtime but is not specific to any seating area and does not guarantee admission if you arrive late.

Q. Some Pavilions have late night parties or dinner reservations, and some don't, how come?
A.  Each Pavilion has different capacities and requirements for their special events.   We will continue to add additional options each year going forward so that you can do more online in advance.

Q. What if I have another question?
A. We encourage you to visit www.folklorama.ca which has additional information.

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